event collaterals

September 2021

Suzane Fadlallah

Rana Maarouf

Ramzi Abou Ghazale

Hani Boulos

Liwanj was commissioned by international health insurance giants Aetna to prepare materials for an exclusive event they were hosting for their partners in Ain Dubai. Aetna, a subsidiary of CVS Health, emphasized the need for something unique that could really touch the sensibilities of their partners. As a result, we chose to do things different. As opposed to a regular invitation card, we went for an animated GIF. Instead of a photo-backdrop, we created a frame that could be carried and transported across the venue. With all of the deliverables we prepared, we were inspired by the heart, a staple of CVS’s brand identity and the international symbol of love and appreciation, epitomizing the character of the event.